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Charlton Wedge ~ 160g

Awards: 2nd Hard Goat Cheese, 2008 Royal Agricultural Winter Fair Dairy Product Competition. 2nd Hard Goat Cheese, 2009 Royal Agricultural Winter Fair Dairy Product Competition. Wine Pairing: Ontario Pinot Noir or Italian Pinot Grigio
This pure Ontario Goat Milk cheese is called Charlton, named after a small Town in our region of Temiskaming where many Amish and Mennonite rebuilt a new generation of farmstead living. This Italian style cheese made famous by Artisanal cheese makers of Calabria in southern Italy. This hard goat cheese is formed in traditional woven molds that give the rind a woven basket pattern. Thornloe Charlton is a creamy white, medium bodied cheese. Its flavour is mildly sharp prwith subtle notes of mushroom poviding a distinctive robust tasting experience. Charlton’s hard texture makes it an excellent cheese for grating or shaving over pizza, pastas, soups, vegetables or fruit. It is also perfect for snacks and cheese trays.
Price: $7.00 Weight: 160.00g

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